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Our Automotive Locksmith Team will come to your rescue with any emergency auto situation you have. Trusted by thousands of satisfied customers. Call now!

Emergency Automotive Locksmith Denver

There’s a lot more to what we do than just helping people who are locked out of their cars. We reprogram transponders, fobs and even fix broken ignition systems on the spot, and give you a new set of keys if you need them.

mobile automotive locksmith

Our team is highly trained to offer a wide variety of services that motorists need when they face lockouts, broken door locks, stuck keys, ignition systems that won’t turn or have a key jammed in them, trunks that are stuck shut, transponders that don’t respond, key fobs that need reprogramming, and more. If you need new keys made on the spot, no matter where you are, day or night, we come to you and can create as many keys as you need 24/7. Denver Locksmiths services every known make and model of vehicle, can extract keys from locks, and handle any other kind of vehicle lock situation you can think of.

Lockout from your car?

We can get you back into your car and on your way no matter what make or model or year your car is.

Is the ignition system stuck?

It happens more often than you think, but keys can and do break off in ignitions.  We fix your ignition, give you a new key and send you along your way.

Need a transponder programming?

You end up stranded in a remote location, call our team and we’ll arrive quickly to fix and/or reprogram your transponder.

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Additional Automotive Locksmith Services In Denver


It’s simple. When you are locked out, we’ll get you back in. Whether you’ve lost your keys or damaged them or they were stolen, it doesn’t matter. Our Automotive Locksmith team will get you back into your car.

Retrieval of Keys from Trunk

Sometimes people drop their keys in the trunk when they’re loading groceries or any cargo. They close the trunk and instantly realized that they’re locked out of the car. We’ll pop your trunk and get your keys back.

Key Replacement and Duplication

When you’ve lost or misplaced keys, or when they’re damaged, you need replacements fast. We’ll arrive at your location and cut fresh keys quickly so you can be on your way with as many duplicates as you need.

Key Extraction

People accidentally break off keys in car door and ignition locks every day. We respond every day and extract those jammed keys so people can get on with their lives.

Ignition Repair and Replacement

Ignition systems are finicky and fragile. The freeze up in cold weather and tend to “eat” car keys, break them off and otherwise malfunction. We fix those temperamental devices and cut you fresh keys on the spot.

Luxury Assistance

Many of today’s luxury cars have special, computerized security features like digital keys and enhanced ignition systems. Denver Locksmiths can handle them all with ease.

Fob Reprogramming and Replacement

Key fobs often require reprogramming when they malfunction but sometimes need to be totally replaced. Our team does these chores every day for motorists who face fob problems.

Ignition Re-keying

Re-keying a broken ignition is a highly-technical task but our team does it all the time. We can make the new keys, repair the device and send you on your way.

Service for Every Make, Model and Year

Some locksmiths can’t service every kind of car. We can. If it has wheels and a motor, we can deal with its locks, ignitions systems, keys, key fobs and transponders. We even works with classic and unique kit cars.

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Accidentally left my keys inside my apartment while taking my dog out, they were quick to answer the phone and let me know that they were on their way. Avy was incredibly kind and dedicated when my electronic lock system presented some challenges he did not give up and got me back inside my warm apartment ASAP. Thank you, Avy!

Eve Lloyd

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Avy is seriously the best! He is seriously knowledgeable about his craft and takes time to explain to you what is wrong, and how he can make it work properly. I HIGHLY recommend Avy for your residential lock needs. I trust his work and really felt like he was honest and genuine throughout the entire process. I could also really tell how motivated and passionate he was to do the best job possible. Do yourself, and your locks, a favour and give him a call!

Laura Brands

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Avy was professional, quick, and skilled. We had our entire new home re-keyed within an hour. Now all the locks work better and the home is safer!

Reilly Harbach

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Avy was here on a Sunday in 45 min. Opened up my car and made me a key in less than an hour. Highly recommend when you’re in a pinch.

Jordan Walbecq

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Avy performed high-quality work. He arrived right on time and solved our problems quickly and even helped tighten another door. We will definitely hire him again if we have anymore problems. Thanks Avy!

Gretchen Gottsacker

Are you locked out of your car? We’ll be there to get you back in.

All you need to do is contact our 24/7/365 mobile and emergency locksmith service

Check Out our Most Popular Automotive Locksmith Services

Car Lockout Service

Car Lockout Service

Our car lockout service is the most extensive in the business. Not only do we deal with every make, model and year, but we can get you into your vehicle no matter the reason you are locked out. In most cases, people call us because they’ve locked keys inside the car. Others need help with keys left inside the trunk or keys that have been lost, stolen or broken.

Broken keys are a problem in cold weather when locks tend to freeze and motorists try a little too hard to turn the key. “Snap” goes the key and now you’re locked out. Plus, you now face two challenges: you are without a working key and your door lock is jammed with a broken piece of useless metal. Call Denver Locksmith and we’ll clear the lock, make you a new key and even fix the lock if you want us to.

Replacement for Lost or Broken Car Keys

People have been losing car keys since there have been car keys to lose. Sometimes people break their keys by forcing them to turn a malfunctioning lock or ignition that’s not working right. Whether you lose your keys, break them, or they’re stolen, you need to get replacements. For lost keys we can simply make you as many duplicates as you want.

When you break a key off in the door or ignition, we can remove the jammed key or piece of a key, fix the door lock or the ignition and that’s that. But if your keys are stolen, we highly recommend that you have your doors and ignition re-keyed. That way, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that some random thief is not out there with a key that opens and starts your car.

Broken Car Key
Car Key Duplication

Car Key Duplication

In non-emergency or emergency situations, people often ask us to make multiple duplicates of their car keys. This is a wise move for families that share cars or have children who sometimes drive a parent’s vehicle. Denver Locksmith does hundreds of key duplication jobs every month and can make keys wherever you are. There’s no need for you to come to us, ever. Our professionals have all the equipment with them and can make as many keys as you like, anytime, anywhere.

Key Fob Replacement or Reprogramming

Key fobs are a rather new development in the world of vehicle security. The problem is that they, like transponders, often malfunction and need to be reprogrammed in order to do their job. We replace entire key fobs and repair broken ones regularly. When your fob starts acting up, give us a call. Better to deal with the situation now than to wait for the fob to stop working while you’re miles from home in the dead of night.

Our team can diagnose a faulty key fob and let you know whether it can be repaired or not. The best part is, you won’t even have to contact or travel to your dealership. We service all makes and models of fobs and have the equipment on hand to deal with a repair, reprogramming job or a total fob replacement.

Key Fob Replacement
Transponder Key Programming

Transponder Key Programming

Transponders are rather complex little pieces of technology. They do a good job of keeping cars secure and safe from hot-wiring thieves. But sometimes high-tech devices go awry and are rendered useless. When that happens, call us and we’ll arrive in minutes to program your transponder and get you moving again. You won’t have to worry about calling a dealership because we have the technical equipment to do the job right away, without any outside help. Not only do we do the reprogramming on the spot, you’ll have a like-new device that works properly.

Modern vehicles are getting more and more technically sophisticated every year. Denver Locksmiths technicians keep up with all the newest developments in the automotive world and stays one step ahead of the technology curve by training on all new locking and security devices offered on every make and model.

Car Key Extraction

Key extraction is part art, part science. Our team has truly seen it all and knows exactly how to remove a piece of a key, or an entire, jammed key, from any lock without damaging the car’s paint job and without further harming the locking system. It takes a high degree of technical skill to accomplish a proper key extraction, but our experts are fully equipped to face any extraction job you present to us.

Most commonly, key extraction is needed when cold weather or a malfunctioning lock “eats” a key, causing it to break off. The motorist is then left with a useless half-key in hand, another useless piece of metal inside the lock, and a non-functioning car door. We deal with this common situation every day.

Car Key Extraction
Luxury Automotive Assistance

Luxury Automotive Assistance

Some of the higher-end luxury cars on the market these days include very sophisticated locking mechanisms and super-secure devices to thwart thieves. We are one of the few car locksmith services that cater to all cars in existence, even luxury models with top-notch security systems. We also offer a full menu of roadside assistance for luxury cars.

When owners of luxury vehicles call us, they often ask whether we can get them into their cars, reprogram their transponders or otherwise help them with a lock-related problem. They’re often surprised when we show up in a matter of minutes and deal with their situation quickly and efficiently. Whether you drive a Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Jeep or a classic car of any vintage, our locksmiths for cars can repair, replace or otherwise deal with the security system and get you back on the road in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you keep normal hours?

No, “normal” is not the word, because we never close our doors. We are always open, 365 days per year, 7 days a week, 24 hours each day.

Do you do direct insurance billing?

No, we don’t. But, we will give you a clear, accurate receipt so you can file a claim with your insurer.

Are your workers insured and bonded?

Not only insured and bonded but background-checked and fully licensed. All of our technicians are members of the Associated Locksmiths of America, Security Professionals Association, Inc., also known as ALOA.

Do I need to verify for you that I am the legal owner of the vehicle?

Yes, we will need at least proof of registration, a title, and/or proof that you are the insured party for the vehicle in question. You need to at least have some form of valid ID for yourself, and at least one form of proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Can I book your car key locksmith services online?

Yes. You can schedule an appointment online, and we will be there on time to provide the services you need.

Can you replace a lost key fob?

Yes. As long as we have the car make/model and serial number.