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Whatever services are on your priority list, we’ve got you covered. That means anything from installing access control systems and panic bars to doing re-keying of locks and more. Our Commercial Locksmith technicians repair all locks, locking devices, safes, and can install any new component you require. You can focus on running your business when you leave the locksmith and security jobs to us.

Emergency Commercial Locksmith Denver

For your commercial locksmith needs, it makes sense to go with the team that has the most experience and responds rapidly and provides the utmost in security and peace of mind.

There’s no reason to waste your valuable time on jammed file cabinets, security systems that malfunction, broken keys and jammed locks. Denver Locksmiths will take care of all those headaches for you so you can tend to business. Our team does it all and has the experience to work quickly to get you back into a locked building or office. But it’s about more than getting you in and saying goodbye.

We create master key systems that work every time, install and repair locks, re-key any lock you have, fix or unlock safes, repair and replace older locks, get you into locked file cabinets and repair them if necessary, change out mailboxes, cut off unneeded padlocks, service and install panic bars and exit devices of all kinds, help you set up specialized access control and create secure areas, and more.

Building Lockouts

Owners and employees routinely lock themselves out of offices. Denver Locksmiths shows up fast and get you inside and are happy to create an extra set of keys on the spot if need be. Lockouts happen, but it helps to have a professional team ready to let you in on a moment’s notice.

Commercial Re-keying

Re-keying is a popular service because owners want the peace of mind in knowing that additional keys are not “out there somewhere” in the hands of people with ill intentions. We re-key any lock quickly and hand you a fresh set of keys when we’re done.

Unlocking Safes and File Cabinets

It’s not all about the doors. Business owners are often faced with file cabinets full of important documents but can’t get to them. In addition to opening any file cabinet we also repair or open any security safe you have on the premises.

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Additional Commercial Locksmith Services In Denver

Panic Bar and Exit Device Installation

These high-tech devices are an essential component of overall building security for many companies, large and small. Our commercial locksmith technician installs them, fix them and make sure the ones you have are working properly.

Master Key Systems

It’s important to have an efficient, properly set up master key system so you don’t have to carry dozens of keys wherever you go on the premises. We can create a comprehensive master key system for whatever size building you have.

Hardware for Doors

Age, accidents and break-ins happen. When they do, you might be in need of fresh hardware all around or just on one or two doors. Our Commercial Locksmith team can install whatever specific kind of hardware is needed for your building’s doors.

Access Control & Security Systems

Making sure that specific employees do and don’t have access to certain rooms and areas is part of a complete access control program. Our team knows how to design just the right security system with designated access control for your company and building, no matter how small or large.

Installing New Locks on Doors

Locks wear out, sustain damage and malfunction when they are used incorrectly. We install new locks every day for commercial building owners and managers who need them.

Repairing or Replacing Old Locks

Sometimes it makes more sense to repair a good lock than to put a new one in. Likewise, if an older lock is past its useful life span, Denver Locksmiths can replace it quickly and easily.

Changing Out Mailboxes

When you move in and need a mailbox system for one or more people, we can handle the switch and get all the individual keys made on the spot.

Service and Reprogramming for Digital Locks

Digital locks can be a blessing or a pain, depending on your perspective. But you need not worry because our technicians can reprogram all makes and models of new or older digital locks.

Cutting Off Old Padlocks

Sometimes a chore as simple as removing an old, unsightly padlock can make a big difference. We can remove any padlock or any other kind of lock you want out of your life forever. Denver Locksmiths does it every day of the week.

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Accidentally left my keys inside my apartment while taking my dog out, they were quick to answer the phone and let me know that they were on their way. Avy was incredibly kind and dedicated when my electronic lock system presented some challenges he did not give up and got me back inside my warm apartment ASAP. Thank you, Avy!

Eve Lloyd

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Avy is seriously the best! He is seriously knowledgeable about his craft and takes time to explain to you what is wrong, and how he can make it work properly. I HIGHLY recommend Avy for your residential lock needs. I trust his work and really felt like he was honest and genuine throughout the entire process. I could also really tell how motivated and passionate he was to do the best job possible. Do yourself, and your locks, a favour and give him a call!

Laura Brands

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Avy was professional, quick, and skilled. We had our entire new home re-keyed within an hour. Now all the locks work better and the home is safer!

Reilly Harbach

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Avy was here on a Sunday in 45 min. Opened up my car and made me a key in less than an hour. Highly recommend when you’re in a pinch.

Jordan Walbecq

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Avy performed high-quality work. He arrived right on time and solved our problems quickly and even helped tighten another door. We will definitely hire him again if we have anymore problems. Thanks Avy!

Gretchen Gottsacker

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Learn More About Our Most Popular Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Building Lockouts

This is, by far, the most common request we get from commercial business owners and managers. It’s actually quite common for people to lock themselves out at the oddest times, like in the middle of the night or on holidays when they pop into the office to get a bit of work done.

Our team is highly trained to deal with getting you or your workers back inside whenever they lock themselves out and for whatever reason they do so. Whether you’ve lost your keys, misplaced them, forgotten to prop a door open when you slipped outside for a breath of fresh air, or whatever, we’ll get you back in quickly and without damaging the door or lock.

Remember, there’s no need to break an expensive window or force a door open with a crow bar. That might get you in but it creates another problem. The smart, economical way to get inside again is to call us. We’ll respond instantly and arrive at your location in a matter of minutes. Don’t risk damaging your valuable property by “breaking” into your own building. Let us take care of the situation. We’re professional locksmiths. It’s what we do.

Commercial Re-keying

Re-keying is a very popular service and allows owners to have total control over who comes and goes in their building.

Whenever you rent or lease a new space, or purchase a building that was previously occupied, it’s a good idea to have all the locks re-keyed. The truth of the matter is, you don’t really know who has keys to older locks. Even if all the old keys were “turned in” by former employees, who’s to say someone didn’t make a duplicate for later use.

Commercial re-keying is the surest, least costly way to get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the only functioning set of keys for the locks in your building. After that, you can give out keys to those you trust and keep track of who has what, without losing sleep about previous owners, employees and occupants.

Panic Bar & Exit Device Installation and Service

Panic bars and special exit devices can be highly sophisticated pieces of equipment. Our locksmiths are trained to install, repair and replace all brands of bars and devices. Many organizations are required by law to include a certain number of fire exits in their buildings. In order to abide by the local building code, you’ll have to either buy the doors new or upgrade existing doors to meet the requirements. 

That’s where a locksmith can save you money. We can either upgrade your existing doors to include panic bars and special exit devices or install brand new ones, if you decide to go that route. Either way, our expertise allows us to quickly and efficiently put in any kind of panic bar or exit device. We service them as well, so you’ll never have to worry about a malfunction.

Master Key Systems

You don’t want to carry dozens of different keys with you, do you? Having a master key system is the smart way to deal with the dilemma. Our team can create a master key so you have access to many different locks in the building. You can be the only one with a master key or we can cut several masters for each of the owners or managers. That way, everyone else will still need separate keys for all the other doors or areas where they work, but with your master, you’ll be able to gain access to any of the doors in the system. It’s actually an ingenious set up and many medium-sized and larger organizations use such an arrangement.

Our Commercial locksmith masters do master key set ups quite often and know all the nuances of creating a fully-functioning, secure system that gives you the convenience of using a single key to open multiple doors.

Hardware for Doors

Doors are a world unto themselves, in a manner of speaking. That’s because doors come in so many varieties. Hydraulic doors and special, all-metal security doors are but two examples. Our commercial locksmith team takes pride in being able to install any kind of door you need, including its locking system. Whether your company has a need for specialty doors or not, we have the expertise to deal with any door’s hardware, installation, replacement or repair.

When a door has been damaged, broken into or just gets too old to be of any use, we can replace the entire thing with a new version. However, many business owners ask us to install new hardware on the doors they already have because most high-quality doors last a very long time.

Access Control & Security Systems

For companies in certain industries like financial services, technology and others, it’s essential to make sure that only approved workers have access to designated rooms and floors. That’s what access control systems are all about. Our locksmiths are experts at designing and implementing simple or complex access control systems.

That way, you can rest assured that when an unapproved employee attempts to gain access to a restricted area, not only will they not get in, but you’ll have a record of the attempted entry. Nowadays, even standard-issue computers hold extremely sensitive information that is only meant to be seen by certain people. We can devise a security system that lets you decide who sees what, when, and who gets into certain rooms.

Installing New Locks on Doors

When you move into a new location or purchase a building for your company, you’ll probably want new locks on all the doors, regardless of what the former owner had in place. However, some new owners simply re-key the old locks and leave it at that.

Most commercial clients who call us for service on a new building want “new locks all around,” and we’re happy to oblige them. Installing new locks on doors is the smartest way to be sure that your security is as good as it can be. You won’t have to worry about anyone, anywhere having a key to your building’s doors.

In situations when there’s been a break in or a door has sustained damage, our team can simply and efficiently install just one or two locks on specific doors. Lock installation can be an involved process because it’s important to preserve the integrity of the door itself. A professional commercial locksmith knows how to install any type of lock and leave the door in pristine condition.

Repairing or Replacing Old Locks

Older locks often last for decades, especially those made of high-quality metals by major manufacturers. We have years of experience with all makes and models of locks, and know how to fix them when they still have life left in them.

We also replace the old ones that are at the end of their lives and ready to “retire.” Sometimes, business owners just want a more modern locking system and ask us to remove older locks. We’re often asked, for example, to install digital locks in place of older manual models.

The point is that our team is ready to deal with whatever your “lock situation” is. We can even take the old locks out, repair them,and then put them back on. The choice is yours. We do the work and get your locks back in top shape.

Changing Out Mailboxes

Mailboxes are used every day by people who work for small and large companies. That’s why it’s so important that the locks on them are in good shape. They get a lot of use and tend to wear out pretty quickly. Our locksmiths know how to repair and replace any mailbox lock, but most often we get calls for simply switching out an entire bank of mailbox locks when you bring in a new work team.

Mailbox locks are high-use, low-tech devices in most cases. But some of the newer models are a bit more sophisticated and present other challenges for people who lose keys or forget combinations.

We’ve seen every kind of mailbox arrangement there is and know how to change them out without harming the original hardware on the boxes you already have. If just one or two boxes are giving you a problem, we’ll happily fix just the ones in need.

Unlocking and Repairing All Types of Safes

Security safes represent a special situation for owners who have lost or forgotten a combination or misplaced a key. Often, the contents of the safe can become easily damaged if you try to force you way into it. For example, a valuable piece of crystal or artwork might sustain permanent damage if you attempt to break into your own safe with a crowbar or other tool.

Our team is specially trained to get into any safe, both new and older versions. Some newer security safes used in offices are computer coded and are excellent at keeping people out unless they have the correct code. It’s not about a physical locking mechanism so much as it is about sending the correct digital code to the computer and getting the safe opened up without damaging the contents or the safe itself.

When you hire our team, we’ll get into the safe, leave the contents undamaged and can even repair a malfunctioning safe if your has a problem of any kind.

Service and Reprogramming for Digital Locks

Digital locks, like some brands of security safes, work with a computer code and a locking device. In tandem, these two mechanisms keep unwanted intruders out of your office space. But, like all other modern appliances and gadgets, digital locks break, age, malfunction and otherwise cease working properly, for a variety of reasons.

Knowing why and how the device became non-functioning is a central part of the locksmith’s job. Our crew knows well all the popular, and not-so-popular, brands of digital locks used on commercial and residential buildings. We first find out what the cause of the problem is, and then repair the locking mechanism and the surrounding technological components. At that point, we’re ready to reprogram the lock for you or replace it if it’s beyond help.

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When are you open?

Denver Locksmiths is Open 24 a day 7 days a week even on Holidays.

What if I can’t verify that the car/house/office is mine or I should be in there?

We will need a letter of authorization from the owner of the car/house/office. If you cannot provide identification, or authorization we will not help you. I am sure the other car, home and office owners will appreciate your cooperation.

Do I need to change my locks or just need my existing locks rekeyed?

Clarification, Changing locks is taking the whole lock, knob/lever, latch and strick and replacing it. Rekeying a lock is taking the existing lock cylinder (leaving the rest) and changing it so that your existing key will no longer work and a new one will. Note, most of the time you will just want your locks rekeyed.

Can you bill my insurance company?

No, you pay us directly and your insurance company will reimburse you if it is in your policy.

What information do you need when I call?

– What is your name?
– What is your exact Address?
– Are you the owner of the car, house or office?
– How soon do you need it?
– Is this a good number to call you back at?

Will my lock still work after you open it?

Yes, picking a lock or opening a car does not damage the lock or car. Note, the exception is if the lock is damaged or needs to be drilled. Then the lock will need to be replaced.

Are you a bonded and insured locksmith?

Yes. Denver Locksmiths is licensed, bonded and insured, as well as a member of the ALOA (Associate Locksmiths of America) Security Professionals Association, Inc.

Are all locks able to be picked?

No, not all locks are able to be picked. Some residential and commercial locks are high-security and pick resistant.