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Best Smart Locks of 2020

Best Smart Locks of 2020

Do you want to upgrade your home security?

Going keyless is the top home security trend for 2020. A connected lock provides flexibility and security without any compromises. After the installation, you can access your home just by using a smartphone.

Upgrading your deadbolt stands as one of the first steps you can take to automate your home. The added convenience of a smart lock is undeniable. Plus, as Bighorn Rentals points out, the best smart locks come with plenty of extras to boost the security of your property.

In this article, we are going over the best smart locks you can find on the market in 2020. But for starters, we’ll quickly cover the basics of smart locks that you should know beforehand.

What is a smart lock?

best smart lock

Smart locks connect with your smartphone over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Z-Wave. Additionally, these locks should have the capacity to communicate with a smart home hub or Wi-Fi bridge as well.

Most smart locks on the market rely on Bluetooth. This is a quick solution to set up your smart lock by using a smartphone. For this reason, most models have the capacity to unlock automatically when your phone enters the Bluetooth range again.

This functionality doesn’t mean that you have to opt for this type of door opening. You can always set up the smart lock in a way that you need to manually open the door from the app every time you return home.

When your smart lock supports Wi-Fi, you can monitor and operate the smart security device remotely. You just need to use the designated smartphone app for that. The only limit here is that your smart lock needs to be online by connecting to your home network.Locks that rely mainly on Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth or Z-Wave will experience a quicker battery drain. In the unlikely case of a sudden battery drain, you can perform a manual key override or an emergency lock override.

#1: August Home Smart Lock Pro Plus Connect

This smart lock is an outstanding product because it offers superior functionality in comparison to many competitors. The functions offered by this smart lock should cover any demands from most homeowners.

  • Centrally manage more than one August smart lock in your home
  • Set alerts, check activity logs and connect to smart home platforms
  • Invite guests and provide instant access for them
  • Check both lock and door statuses (locked vs unlocked, open vs closed)
  • It is very easy to install even for beginner smart home enthusiasts
  • Battery life is around three months but is subject to usage patterns

#2: Yale Assure Lock SL

Are you looking for a keypad lock? Yale Assure Lock SL is a top-rated smart lock that doesn’t even require a smartphone for convenient entry. However, it’s still compatible with a variety of smart home devices.

  • This smart lock supports Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Homekit
  • The design is simple and looks beautiful
  • Setting up Yale Assure Lock SL is easy and take around 20-30 minutes
  • DoorSense detects the bolt sliding into place and locking the door
  • This Yale smart lock has enough storage for 50 key codes (August module increases the capacity to 250)
  • Battery saving: the lock enters standby mode after no interaction takes place for a few minutes

#3: Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

A simple way to make your door smarter is by installing the Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Deadbolt. Its design is minimalistic, yet it works well with multiple smart home platforms. This product is a good bet if you are looking for a reliable, no-frills smart lock solution.

  • Perfect integration with Alexa or Key by Amazon
  • Send virtual keys to your guests using text or email
  • You can set up to 100 lock codes
  • Use the built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your home’s network
  • Integrated alarm technology
  • Low battery indicator for timely battery replacement

#4: Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

The smart deadbolt from Ultraloq provides 6-in-1 keyless entry to your property. By using the Ultraloq Bridge, you can control the access to your door while anywhere in the world. This is a great match for anyone trying to find a pro solution.

  • The 6-in-1 keyless entry consists of six different modes of entry: a smartphone app, code, fingerprint, auto-unlock, mechanical key, and magic shake
  • You can use Ultraloq Bridge to share temporary access and monitor the status of your door
  • This product comes with a Micro-USB for emergency power.
  • Your data is protected by both a 128-bit AES layer of protection and a Dynamic Key.
  • User management has a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to add and delete users on the go.
  • The optimized battery use means that you will have up to 8,000 times of individual access with one battery lifetime.

In a nutshell: Best Smart Locks of 2020

Installing a smart lock could be your first step towards automating your home in 2020. The past years have seen a great increase in the quality and usability of smart locks. The products sold now offer superior security for your property.

The best model depends on your needs and expectations. It pays to understand what kind of functionality you want your smart lock to have. Consider any unique circumstances that you might have.

Here are our top picks for smart locks in 2020:

  • Yale Assure Lock SL
  • Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro
  • August Home Smart Lock Pro Plus Connect
  • Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt