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What is A Key Fob?

Car key fob

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, it is constantly driven by new technologies. That includes the technology that allows drivers to lock and unlock their cars, as well as start their ignition systems without a key.

While metal keys are still used to access a car’s security features, very seldom is a metal key used without some other kind of complementary device. In many cases, the complementary device of choice is a car key fob device.

The following information will hopefully teach you everything you need to know about fob devices and maybe more.

Why is It Called a Key Fob?

What does a fob stand for with keys? Contrary to popular belief, the term “fob” is not an acronym. It’s actually a word that means pocket, which was derived from the German word “fuppe.” In the case of a car key fob, it would represent an automotive device that is small enough for a driver to carry in their pocket.

As for the device itself, it is typically contained inside a small durable plastic casing. Inside the casing are a cellular battery, an RFID chip, and an internal antenna. On the outside, the casing has several buttons. There could be anywhere from 2-4 buttons on a given fob. Each of the buttons will perform a particular action when pressed. The four most common functions are:

  • Unlocking car doors
  • Locking car doors
  • Unlocking the trunk
  • Initiating the ignition switch to start the car

Note: Other functions might be available depending on the vehicle in question. A programmable key fob offers users some flexibility as they can actually program each button to perform a certain function.

Not all fobs will have the car ignition button. However, it is becoming far more common with each passing year as car manufacturers try to minimize the need for traditional metal car keys.

Types of Key Fobs

residential key fobs

Fob devices can be used as a security feature for a variety of vehicles. That would include cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats. Residential key fobs are also available for homeowners who are seeking a more secure way to protect their homes.

Note: Car and truck fobs date back as far as 35 years. Before that, traditional locks and metal keys were the only alternative, though transponder keys were popping up here and there.

How Do Key Fobs Work?

Once you understand what is a key fob, your curiosity should prompt you to ask the question, “How does a key fob work?”

It starts with the key fob buttons. When one is pressed, it sends a radio signal through the fob’s RFID chip and an internal antenna to a receiving RFID chip and an internal antenna that is located in the car’s onboard computer. If the signal that is sent to the receiving chip or reader matches what has been programmed, the function will be performed as requested. Herein lies the security feature that keeps intruders from being able to access a particular car.

Benefits/Advantages Derived From Key Fobs

In the automotive world, fob devices are often considered one of the industry’s great innovations. Why? It has everything to do with the benefits or advantages car owners get from using a fob as opposed to relying on traditional metal keys. Here are some of the benefits or advantages that innovators had in mind when they invented the fob:

  • Fob devices are often more durable than traditional metal keys
  • Indruders find it more difficult to access cars that operate with fobs
  • Reduces the need for multiple keys – locks & ignition
  • Fobs are easy to replace and new fobs are easy to program
  • Customizable fobs can offer extra layers of security – access can be restricted by location and time/day
  • Fob cellular batteries have long lives – multiple years
  • Fobs make it easy to unlock doors when hands are full – suitable for disabled persons

Denver Locksmiths – About Our Key Fob Services

Key Fob Locksmith

Since fobs offer a lot in the way of convenience, they are relatively easy for users to maintain. For instance, changing a cellular battery only requires performing these three (3) tasks:

1. Locate and purchase the correct battery replacement. This information should be available in the car’s owner’s manual or on the car manufacturer’s website.

2. Remove the back of the fob casing, remove the old battery, and insert the new battery with the positive (+) pointing in the right direction.

3. Reattach the back of the casing and test to make sure everything is operating properly.

As for repairing and programming a fob device, that’s where things could get a little complicated. Instead of wasting time and trying to handle these tasks on your own, your time and effort might be better spent by contacting a professional locksmith like Denver Locksmiths.

We employ a terrific team of well-trained locksmith technicians to handle issues related to car key fob devices. The fob-related services we can provide include:

  • Repair of fob devices and reprogramming
  • Battery replacements
  • Replacement of fob devices with the appropriate programming
  • Assistance with programming customization

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Denver Locksmiths

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The next time you need a professional locksmith to handle a fob device issue or a problem with a lock or key, give us a call. We are confident you will appreciate our service so much that you’ll put us first on your speed dial.