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The Benefits of High Security Locks


For most homes and offices, a good security system is often synonymous with spending a lot of money. When individuals and businesses try to make their security systems better, what people usually recommend to them are high-tech solutions that cost a lot of money. 

You rarely see an organization or home where the security system is low-cost yet powerful. For most homes and businesses, achieving a balance between costs and security is almost impossible. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Sound security systems do not always have to be expensive. 

There are ways to improve security without paying an arm and a leg. One of them is to install a high security lock system in the home or office. High security lock systems are a reliable way to improve security in a speedy and cost-efficient manner. They are low maintenance, easy to use, and more secure than standard locks, which are easily broken into and need rekeying often.

As Onsite Property Services points out, even in situations where a home or office already has electronic/smart locks in place, a high security lock system can still be useful. That is because it adds a second layer of security to the existing security architecture. 

Sometimes, when there is a prolonged power failure in extreme weather or criminal attacks, smart security systems can fail or perform below expectations. But with a high security lock system in the home or office, the security of the premises is preserved.

A high security lock has many advantages over other types of door lock systems. Below we list some of those advantages.

High security locks cannot be bumped or picked

The Benefits of High Security Locks

Most standard locks, including deadbolts, can be picked with a set of commonly available tools. With these tools, a criminal with the skills and enough time can break into a home or office if it has a lock system other than a high security lock. High security locks employ two levels of biaxial key cutting, which creates angled cuts inside the lock that are impossible to pick.

Unlike common locks, which have five pins and are susceptible to bumping with bump keys sold online, the security lock has telescopic pins or a pin-within-a-pin design. Additionally, they possess durable materials such as steel plates and rods that allow them to resist brute force attacks. 

High security locks offer better key control

The standard lock uses keys that are easily duplicated at any hardware store or by a locksmith. All that is needed is a simple key copy machine. But this is not possible with high security locks. These lock systems have capabilities that allow key tracking and which also prevents key duplication. 

They use restricted key blanks that are not available at hardware stores, and key cutting is only possible with a special machine. Furthermore, the keys come with a security ID card and the high security lock. Presenting the security ID card is a prerequisite for a new key production. High security locks have a cloud-based system that tracks the whereabouts of the keys and the ID card.

High security lock system help reduce costs

Cheap high security locks

The long term cost layout of using high security locks is better than that of using some other systems. Many high security systems cost a lot initially, and the cost of upgrading the system keeps going up over time. But with high security locks systems, this is not the case. 

In the beginning, the locks may cost a lot more than standard locks to acquire, but the cost of owning and operating the systems gets lower in the long run. High security locks cut down on the need for security guards and elaborate smart security devices. They also eliminate the need for expensive backup systems to complement the home or office’s central security systems.

High security lock systems can reset at an instant

If one of the keys gets lost or stolen, the system does not become vulnerable, and there is no need to rekey the lock. That is because the lock can be securely reset to prevent the lost or stolen key from working with the system. At the same time, updating the other keys will keep them working with the lock system. It means that the people who use the office or live in the home can continue their daily routine without interruption.

Finally, most high security locks are customizable, designing locks to meet the specific needs of the home or business. Additionally, their cloud-based tracking system means that security administrators can track the location of keys and key holders’ identities. The features of a high security lock system helps to create a more robust and highly flexible security system for the home or office.