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I Locked My Keys In My Car: What To Do?

I locked my keys in my car

Have you ever found yourself standing in a mall parking lot, at a friend’s house, or at the grocery store, saying to yourself, “I locked my keys in my car… What am I going to do now?” You’re not alone. Many thousands of vehicle owners end up in the exact same situation every day of the year, all over the world.

What to do if keys locked in the car? Believe it or not, there are some logical, smart, safe steps you can take to remedy the problem rather quickly. Of course, the smartest move you can make, if you live or work in Littleton or any of the surrounding communities, is to contact a professional locksmith service.

Here’s a short summary of what to do if you ever hear yourself saying, “I locked my keys in my car. What’s the next step?”

Locked Out Of Your Car?

Locked out of your car?

Personal safety comes first. So no matter how many strategies you can come up with when you want to know what to do if keys locked in the car, step one is to decide whether you’re in danger or not.

That’s why step one on the list relates to taking care of “first things first.” After that, it’s a matter of reviewing your options and moving on to the next one when the previous one doesn’t work.

  • Call 911 If Necessary: Only call 911 emergency services if you truly believe that your life is in danger. In those rare instances when you’re in a remote, desolate location, and can’t get access to your car because you’re locked out, only resort to the 911 option if you’re in danger.

    DO NOT call 911 services to get you into a locked car. For lockouts, use a locked key in car service (see next step)
  • Contact a Professional: Have the phone number of a local, professional locksmith service memorized. That’s because if you just put the number in your phone, or on a note in your wallet, you might not have access to it. In fact, it’s quite common for people to lock phones, purses, wallets, and keys in their cars.

    So, don’t be caught short-handed. Memorize your local locksmith’s phone number. It’s always best to have an expert do the job. Not only can locksmiths get you back into your car, but they can do it without harming your locks. Plus, they can make extra keys for you on the spot.

    If you live in Littleton or nearby, you won’t have to wait long for a technician to arrive and get you back on the road, no matter what time of the day or night it is. Professional locksmiths are super-fast when it comes to responding to vehicle lockouts. It’s their specialty.
  • Consider Roadside Assistance If You Have It: This is the next option and a less useful one than calling a locksmith. When you want to know what to do if keys locked in car, and you have no local locksmith available, consider using your roadside assistance service if you have one. Presuming you have access to a telephone and know the number, call you roadside team and have them come get you back into your car.

    The problem with roadside assistance response teams is that they have no real incentive to hurry. Often, you’ll find yourself waiting for several hours. It’s always to your advantage to use a locked key in car service provided by an expert locksmith.
  • Call a Tow Trucks: This option is near the bottom of the list because you have to be very desperate, have no access to a locksmith, and have no roadside assistance plan. Yes, you can call a towing company and say, “I locked my keys in my car.” They might, or might not, offer lockout service. But the two problems are cost and time. Towing services are notorious for charging extremely high fees and taking their sweet time to respond to calls.
  • Break a Window: Now, we’re at the “bottom of the barrel” of choices. Keep in mind that you’re always better off getting locked keys in car service from a locksmith. But if, for whatever reason, you cannot get in touch with a locksmith, have no roadside service, and can’t even find a towing company to call, there is a “last resort.” It’s breaking a window, carefully, and while covering your eyes.

Some people use rocks, or other hard objects to break the glass. Plus, you should always cover your hands with thick gloves or a sturdy piece of cloth if you break vehicle glass. This is a very pricey solution. Of course, never break a front or back windshield, or you’ll end up paying a small fortune just to gain access to your keys.